Amirreza Ojaghi, a 17-year-old Iranian teenager, has won a bronze rank at the global music awards in 2023. This is an international music festival that evaluates and ranks a music work by an eminent and prestigious panel of music judges, without considering the fame, nationality and age of an artist, and only by indexing the intrinsic merits of a music work. And some Grammy Award winners also participate in it. Amir Reza has achieved a bronze rank by creating and presenting the piece "fall in love" adapted from his master's works. Now, in an interview, he explains more about his efforts and the support of his family in this direction. The family loved music from the beginning. My father was a guitar player, my father's uncle was a violinist, and my grandfather knew Iranian instruments well. And I also wanted to have a hand in this field and improve. I have been playing music since I was 6 years old, and at the age of 14, I will never forget that my father came home one night with a digital piano, and I was surprised and happy that night, and this encouraged me to pursue music.

And professor Mahdi Attarian, who is a great professor, was one of our family friends and acquaintances. I got in touch with him and I worked with him professionally from the age of fifteen to the age of seventeen. Matters related to music, orchestration, musicianship, singing, composition, solfege, instrumentation... and the way I got to know this festival was through my great teacher Mahdi Attarian. And fortunately, we saw the result. Considering that I got the third place in this festival, I want to take a positive step in music in terms of singing, composing and solfege, and hope to God, continue my studies in prestigious music universities of the world.

Fall In Love